Unlocking Visual Excellence: A Deep Dive into HDR USB Cameras

hdr usb camera

High Dynamic Range (HDR) USB cameras, the unsung heroes of visual excellence, are transforming the way we perceive and interact with the world. These technological marvels are rewriting the rules for capturing images and recording videos, delivering unrivaled image quality and breathtaking performance. With respect to embedded vision, HDR cameras come with various interfaces such […]

Mastering Imaging Excellence with OEM USB Cameras

oem usb camera

As the name OEM USB camera suggests, these cameras are not intended for direct sale to end-users but are designed to be integrated into various devices and applications, such as surveillance systems, medical and life science equipment, access control systems, kiosks and digital signages and more. OEM Cameras allow other manufacturers to incorporate high-quality imaging […]

Use Cases of Video Analytics in Retail

Video Analytics

A rapidly expanding range of embedded video products, including intelligent digital video recorders and smart cameras, are now equipped with automatic features that were previously only possible with human supervision thanks to video analytics. In general, it is the process of producing information from digital video that is useful and pertinent. Analytics is concerned with […]

Comparison Between MJPEG and MPEG4 – Which is superior?


Video compression algorithms reduce and remove extraneous data from the video so that they can effectively store or transmit video over a network. Modern, efficient compression algorithms can dramatically reduce file size without sacrificing video quality. A common word for the technology utilized in video compression is codec. They employ an encoder technique that sources […]