Low-Light Camera for Inventory Monitoring

Use cases - Embedded Camera

Why do we need embedded cameras for Inventory Monitoring? 

Inventory Management systems focusses on keeping track of stocked goods that enter and leave a warehouse/store/supermarket. Tracking the stock, ensuring timely replenishment, forecasting the stock requirements, replacing the misplaced stock, and so on can have profound impact on the company’s profitability as well as their customer’s satisfaction. Embedded camera systems with capabilities to work in low-light conditions is becoming the need for these applications.

Vision systems integrated with AI engine are being employed to analyse and improve the inventory management practices. The right vision system can provide the AI engine with the images and videos the right way to enable the engine to track the stock, analyse the consumption rate, misplacement incidents, replenishment requirements at a better consistency than humans.

What is the problem statement? 

The requirement is to design, develop and manufacture a cost-effective compact ethernet camera to be installed in warehouses for intelligent inventory management. 

The solution : Ethernet Low-Light Camera for Inventory Management

The solution delivered is a two-board systems that comprised of a camera board and the base board. 

The camera board houses a high-performance low-light imaging sensor coupled with an ISP. The board also houses an M12 Lens mount and wide angle lens. ISP is capable of debayering along with color corrections, dewarping, and encoding. The base board comprises of power circuitry, connectors, etc.

The requirement demanded low-light camera with resolution higher than VGA. The initial trials were performed with the UVIGA 500-U3-CRS USB3.0 camera and UVIGA 200-U3-CGS USB3.0 camera. Further to that, Vadzo helped with the design and developed on the Ethernet camera.

Vadzo also supported with a web application to perform functional testing on the camera system.

Benefits with Vadzo solution  

  • Ready to use compact USB3.0 cameras, MIPI cameras for initial trials and prototyping.  
  • Mobile/Web Application & Cloud Expertise to support with seamless integration with the customer’s software ecosystem.
  • Customization-friendly engineering team who can help with customizing the off the shelf camera to fit your use case in terms of hardware design as well as firmware aspects.  
  • One-stop solution for camera design and application development.  



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