IP65 Rating: Know more about this enclosure ratings

IP65 Rating

When an engineer wants to have a “waterproof” enclosure, it can be difficult to determine what kind of IP Rating to seek. There is a significant difference between waterproof, water-resistant, and another descriptive but non-specific labeling, much like with watches or other sensitive information. There are numerous rating systems that have been created to aid in the process and numerous testing bodies that validate the outcomes. The two most well-known of them are IP. Only the IP65 rating system will be discussed in this paper.

What is IP65?

An IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating) is used to categorize the various levels of encasing effectivity that an electrical enclosure provides against foreign materials including objects, water, dirt, etc. The “IP” prefix is followed by two numbers to indicate the degree of protection; the first number represents the level of protection from solids, such as dust and dirt, and how well others are protected from enclosed hazards. The second number represents the level of protection from liquids, such as water, sweat, and other liquids that could damage electrical components. This means that water thrown at the machine by a nozzle from any angular position will not cause damage.

Devices that are intended to endure the force of being completely submerged in water are using an IP65 waterproofing seal. This type of seal can be used for protection against water jets, sprays, and splashes. This seal is tested to ensure that devices with this rating can withstand low-pressure water jets from any direction and be dust-tight, providing a high level of protection against the elements. According to the rating, it can withstand 1.5 meters of water pressure for 30 minutes.

What is IP65 Weatherproof?

Weatherproof materials and items provide practical protection against the elements, enabling them to remain reliable and undamaged over long periods of time. IP65 only addresses the capacity to withstand exposure to some dust and water. With the introduction of IP65, weatherproofing became much easier and more reliable. Regarding weather considerations, IP65 ratings do not account for lightning, hail, sunlight, wind, or other factors.

Conditions for which IP65 was applicable

IP65 is simply a rating for dust and water resistance and provides no assurance about the performance of the product in any given environment. Therefore, if one wishes to use a product in an environment that is exposed to water or dust, it is essential to look beyond the IP65 rating and inquire about the other environmental protection measures taken for a particular product. For example,

  • IP65-rated motors are dust-tight and can withstand jets of water, making them ideal for indoor use, but not necessarily suitable for outdoor use. To ensure safe and reliable operation outdoors, IP65-rated motors must be shielded from the environment with a protective housing or enclosure.
  • Although IP65-rated motors are highly resistant to dust and water, they are not completely waterproof and must be kept out of standing water.
  • Furthermore, due to their lack of food-grade protection, they cannot be used in environments where food safety is of paramount importance.

Applications that benefit from such IP65-rated drives are numerous. Applications in the automotive, agricultural, and medical industries are just some of the many that could benefit from such drives. Examples like designs for packaging that transport different materials; form, fill, and seal equipment that dispenses and seals products; applications for liquid discharge and pumping in medical and life-science equipment; and machines for printing and labeling. Applications for 2D and barcode labels are also available for tracing and tracking medical equipment, and so many other uses.

Summing Up

Consider all of your environmental protection requirements while searching for an IP-rated solution. Using a system with a less stringent rating could allow liquid or particle matter to enter, which could damage your computers. A rating that is too high may indicate that you are overengineering and possibly overspending.

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