Compact Vision System for Industrial Handheld Datalogger

CNN based vision system , Industrial Handheld Datalogger

Why do we need vision for Industrial Dataloggers? 

Industrialization 4.0 has created the need for connecting the operational layer in the industries with IT layer to bring about better optimization, reduce redundancy, improve decision-making, integrate with advance data analytics and AI/ML models, and so on. Visual data is becoming a key input for the above aspects. Visual data can include barcodes, OCR, Object images, inventory images, product labels, package volumes, and so on.  

What is the problem statement? 

The requirement is to integrate a compact camera system with an embedded system within an industrial handheld design. The camera is expected to capture the product label and perform bar code scanning as well as perform OCR. The challenge is to have the camera as compact as possible with capability to capture higher resolution image.  


The solution 

The solution plan comprises of selecting and integrating the camera system with the embedded system in the handheld design.  

The design comprised of a single board design based on NXP IMX6 processing running Android. The single board computer is integrated with peripherals such capacitive touch display, battery, WIFI, and LTE. The system has a USB2.0 port for camera integration.  

The camera system selected for this solution was a compact design based on M6 lens format factor. The camera is capable of preview at resolution such as VGA or HD and is capable of image capture upto 5MP. The camera has in-built Image Signal Processor (ISP) that takes care of debayering, color correction, contrast correction, Auto functions, and so on.  

The USB2.0 camera integration with Android requires the development of Hardware Abstraction Layer to integrate the camera data and control pipeline with the Android Application Layer.  

Vadzo delivered and integrated the USB2.0 camera with single board design.   


Benefits with Vadzo solution  

  • Ready to use compact camera system for initial trials and prototyping.  
  • Customisation-friendly engineering team who can help with customising the off the shelf camera to fit your use case in terms of hardware design as well as firmware aspects.  
  • Seamless integration support with embedded platforms.  
  • One-stop solution for camera design and application development.