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Fundus Camera

High Resolution Vision System for Fundus Camera Application

What is Fundus camera? 

Fundus cameras image the fundus through the pupil. Fundus is the part of the eyeball opposite the pupil. Fundus camera can be described as a specialised optical design, based on indirect ophthalmoscope, that integrates with a camera system. The fundus camera comes with illumination circuits that emits light rays that enters the pupil and goes through reflections and exits the pupil that is captured by the camera system.  

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Compact Vision System for Industrial Handheld Datalogger

Why do we need vision for Industrial Dataloggers? 

Industrialization 4.0 has created the need for connecting the operational layer in the industries with IT layer to bring about better optimization, reduce redundancy, improve decision-making, integrate with advance data analytics and AI/ML models, and so on. Visual data is becoming a key input for the above aspects. Visual data can include barcodes, OCR, Object images, inventory images, product labels, package volumes, and so on.  

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CNN based vision system , Industrial Handheld Datalogger
Camera for Retail, Embedded Camera for Retail, AI Camera, USB3.0 Camera, WIFI Camera, GigE Camera

Embedded Camera System for Retail Analytics

Retail Industries are adopting embedded cameras coupled with AI to revolutionize their customer engagement model as well as their operational efficiency. The embedded camera systems tailored to each use case in combination with trained machine learning models enable the retailers to analyze customer behavior and their satisfaction level and efficiently forecast the inventory restocking investment as well as frequency. Additionally, the cameras are also used to monitor vandalism and shoplifting activities.

Learn More on how VADZO supported with WIFI Camera Development for Retail AI Application.

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Why do we need Auto-Focus camera for Digital Signages? 

Embedded cameras are being incorporated into to Kiosks and Digital Signages for use cases such as self service systems, checkout systems, medication dispensing kiosks, outdoor signages, indoor signages and so on.

The cameras enables image capture and video acquisition for applications such as OCR, facial recognition, demography analysis, etc.

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Auto focus Camera
Use cases - Embedded Camera

Low-Light Camera for Inventory Monitoring

Vision systems integrated with AI engine are being employed to analyse and improve the inventory management practices. The right vision system can provide the AI engine with the images and videos the right way to enable the engine to track the stock, analyse the consumption rate, misplacement incidents, replenishment requirements at a better consistency than humans.

Learn more on how VADZO supported the design, development and manufacturing of a low-light camera solution for warehouse inventory management.

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