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Understanding Liquid Lens and how does it work

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Normally, it’s preferable to keep liquids and lenses distinct, but liquid lenses may be the way of the future for photography. Today’s standard camera phone lens has a fixed focal length. Increasing adaptability requires either more lenses or a larger camera with movable optical components. In this article, we examine everything about the new lens […]

Understanding the Zoom Control Feature to make an application-specific decision

Zoom Feature

You have probably heard of the terms optical and digital zoom if you are searching for a camera, particularly a compact or fixed lens point-and-shoot camera. While digital zoom makes use of scaling technology to magnify a portion of an image, optical zoom makes use of the physical changes in a lens to vary the distance between the camera sensor and the subject.

Lens Vignetting in Embedded Cameras: How to Eliminate It

lens vignetting

Vignetting is now defined as the darkening effect noticed around the margins of an image. When an image’s brightness or saturation gradually decreases from its centre to its four corners or edges, this is referred to as lens vignetting. It is caused by a variety of things, such as faults in the lens’ design, the focus point, or the aperture.

Choosing the Right Lens for Your Embedded Camera Application

choosing the right lens

The optimal lens is directly correlated with the type of camera sensor that is being used. To prevent shading and vignetting, the lens must be able to fully illuminate the sensor region. Additionally, it must be able to resolve pixel size. A lens’s optical resolution determines how well detailed features may be reconstructed in an embedded camera.