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Sony’s STARVIS technology: An innovative advancement in CMOS image sensor technology

Sony's Starvis Technology

As technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) provide better usability, performance, and a variety of applications, imaging technology is becoming more and more popular. The quality and performance of the imaging devices is becoming critical with each day. Starvis sensors belong to a product family from Sony that focusses on high performance requirements that […]

Understanding Shutter Speed: What are its effects on your requirements?

shutter speed

Together with the ISO and aperture, shutter speed is an essential aspect of exposure and how well a picture is exposed. Each image is captured with the proper amount of light entering the camera according to the exposure triangle. Shutter speed is specifically responsible for altering the brightness of your photograph and producing dramatic effects […]

Understanding Bayer Filter Array

Bayer Filter Array

The image sensors that we use in digital cameras are made of several tiny photosensors that capture light. These photosensors or pixels can record light intensity, but not light wavelength. As a result, “color filter arrays” or “color filter mosaics” are layered on top of image sensors. The recognized pixels are covered by a multitude […]

Role of Camera Sensors for Machine Vision Applications

machine vision

Sensors are, without a doubt, the brains of all machine vision cameras. Incoming photons are converted into digital signals by solid-state silicon chips. They are the basis of modern sensors. These signals are examined, watched, and transmitted in more detail. Yet, understanding the key concepts, characteristics, and basic terminology is a prerequisite for selecting the apt camera sensor for your vision system.

ISO setting on a Digital Camera: How to utilise it


The ISO setting on a camera can lighten or darken a picture. Your pictures will become brighter as you raise your ISO setting. Because of this, ISO enables you to take pictures in low-light conditions or adjust your aperture and shutter speed more freely. But increasing your ISO has drawbacks. When the ISO is set […]

Four Basic Controls for a Digital Imaging Sensor

digital imaging sensor

You probably noticed a number of complicated sensor control options in your camera’s menu given the large range of cameras that are currently accessible. What are they and how do they impact your image or video, when you alter these distinct settings? It is essential to master these sensor controls in order to get the […]