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Comparison Between MJPEG and MPEG4 – Which is superior?


Video compression algorithms reduce and remove extraneous data from the video so that they can effectively store or transmit video over a network. Modern, efficient compression algorithms can dramatically reduce file size without sacrificing video quality. A common word for the technology utilized in video compression is codec. They employ an encoder technique that sources […]

Autofocus: Phase Detection and Contrast Detection


It is crucial to understand how it functions. By dynamically adjusting the position of the lens, autofocus is a feature that is used to take the sharpest possible picture. Understanding the distinctions between phase detection and contrast detection autofocus is particularly useful because these two methods are used in modern digital cameras.

Understanding White Balance: How to Choose the Correct Color Tone for Your Photograph

white balance

When we take a picture of a situation, we often want to capture all of the colors in the scene accurately. Unless we are attempting to become more innovative. There’s a good possibility that every hue in our shot would match the scene’s colors if we were photographing in white light or during the day. […]