Embedded Camera System for Retail Analytics

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Why do we need camera for Retail Analytics? 

Retail Industries is adopting to embedded cameras coupled with AI to revolutionize their customer engagement model as well as their operational efficiency. The embedded camera systems tailored to each use case in combination with trained machine learning models enable the retailers to analyze customer behavior and their satisfaction level and efficiently forecast the inventory restocking investment as well as frequency. Additionally, the cameras are also used for monitor vandalism and shoplifting activities.

What is the problem statement? 

The requirement is to design, develop and manufacture a cost-effective compact WIFI camera solution to be installed in retail outlets.The camera should have the capability to capture high-resolution images in various lighting conditions periodically and push them to the cloud service for analysis and decision-making. 

The solution : WIFI Camera for Retail AI

The solution delivered is a two-board system comprising a camera board and a baseboard. 

The camera board houses a high-resolution sensor, auto-focus lens mechanism, and image signal processing circuitry. The base board comprises of MediaTek Processor running Linux along with peripherals such as WIFI chip, Memory and SD Card.

The requirement demanded high-resolution camera with resolution higher than 12MP. The initial trials were performed with UVIGA 1300-U3-CRZ USB3.0 camera and UVIGA 1310-U3-CRZ USB3.0 Camera. Further to that, Vadzo helped with the design and development of the WIFI camera. Additionally, Vadzo also designed and delivered a cross-platform mobile application and a web application to perform functional testing on the camera system.

Benefits with Vadzo solution  

  • Ready to use compact USB3.0 cameras, MIPI cameras for initial trials and prototyping.  
  • Mobile/Web Application & Cloud Expertise to support with seamless integration with the customer’s software ecosystem.
  • Customization-friendly engineering team who can help with customizing the off the shelf camera to fit your use case in terms of hardware design as well as firmware aspects.  
  • One-stop solution for camera design and application development.  


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