Auto-Focus Camera for Digital Signages

Auto focus Camera

Why do we need Auto-Focus camera for Digital Signages? 

Embedded cameras are being incorporated into to Kiosks and Digital Signages for use cases such as self service systems, checkout systems, medication dispensing kiosks, outdoor signages, indoor signages and so on.

The cameras enables image capture and video acquisition for applications such as OCR, facial recognition, demography analysis, etc. Auto-Focus features gives the flexibility for longer depth of focus thereby enabling high quality images when users stand in different distances.

What is the problem statement? 

The requirement is for a Auto-Focus USB3.0 camera system that can be incorporated into a indoor/outdoor digital signage for multiple use cases such as demography analysis, usage analysis, and general surveillance. 

The solution : 13MP Auto-Focus USB3.0 camera

The solution required was for a camera that could support: 

  • High-Resolution
  • Auto-Focus
  • 70 Degree plus FOV.
  • Higher Bandwidth
  • Good Color Reproduction
  • Works with Windows, Linux as well as Android

The requirement demanded high-resolution camera with resolution higher than 12MP. The initial trials were performed with UVIGA 1300-U3-CRZ USB3.0 camera and UVIGA 1310-U3-CRZ USB3.0 Camera.

The above cameras supported all the major camera requirements.

Benefits with Vadzo solution  

  • Ready to use compact USB3.0 cameras, MIPI cameras for initial trials and prototyping.  
  • Ready to use Android SDK.
  • Capability to support higher FOV upto 100 degrees.
  • Customization-friendly engineering team who can help with customizing the off the shelf camera to fit your use case in terms of hardware design as well as firmware aspects.



Rolling Shutter Auto Focus camera

AR1335 – 13MP NIR Auto Focus Color USB3.0 Camera


Rolling Shutter Auto Focus camera

IMX258 – 4K NIR PDAF USB3.0 Camera